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Axiam 16 oz Old Fashioned Drinking Glass Set

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Made in Mexico, Handblown of Recycled Glass.  Enjoying your blended or on-the-rocks margarita out of REAL margarita glasses, blown by hand in Mexico, truly enhances the experience. Bring the beach to you. Mixed shades of aqua, blue, turquoise, and sky blue confetti rimmed drinking glasses.  We call it a win-win that we don't have to use new materials, and in doing so, the look on these rocks glasses comes with an authentic feel of a true Mexican cantina. 

Swirl confetti rimmed, 4-piece handblown glass set
Dimensions: 3.25" Wide x 5" Tall, 5mm thick walls.
100% Recycled glass. Salt your rim or blend it. Eco-friendly, green, recycled drinking glasses. Margaritas don't get better.

Please Note: these items are handmade and slight inconsistencies will naturally occur as each piece is unique.
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