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Axiam Hand-Blown Diamond Whiskey Decanter

These designer quality, 1000 ml whiskey decanters are guaranteed to steal the show at your next cocktail or dinner party.  Handcrafted and hand-blown from crystal clear, lead-free glass Axiam decanters are the perfect centerpiece for your home bar, kitchen, or liquor cabinet.  

The decanters feature an airtight glass stopper with a high-quality plastic lip to seal in freshness and prevent evaporation or loss of flavor.  The elegant diamond facets rest perfectly within a custom-made, dark wood stand giving the bottle a sculptural and artistic appeal worthy of display anywhere in your home.  

Our hand-blown glass decanters are easy to clean and can be hand washed with soap and water. The sturdy, lead-free glass holds up to rinsing and scrubbing while retaining its clarity and unique texture.

1000 ml Diamond Decanter
Hand Blown, Lead-Free Glass
Customized Wooden Stand

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