3- DIY One-of-a-Kind Travel Keepsakes to Love Forever - Life Soleil

July 10, 2019 2 min read

It’s Vacation time! We all love to travel, love to explore new lands and cultures and we love to hold on to those exotic feelings once back home. I have never quite connected with the typical souvenir- a magnet? A keychain? It doesn’t quite capture the feeling of discovery I have when I travel. So what does?

I discovered this AHHMAZING tote. It’s made of highly-recyclable Tyvek®, a lightweight, water-resistant substrate that is commonly used on the side of buildings. This MIXT tote acts a lot like fabric with a surprisingly paper-like feel. Here’s the BEST part! You can write on it with any permanent marker! Take your journal and highlight your biggest thoughts on this tote. Every time you use your tote, you can be reminded of your adventures, your feelings and your time on vacation! It’s also such a great travel tote- it weighs just 4.5 ounces and folds to the size of a small book BUT, it can carry up to 40 pounds! 

USA Road-Trip? While you’re sitting shot-gun, keep track of all your travels through the USA with this fill-in patch. You can sew in the states you visit as you go with the embroidery thread starter kit.  This oversized 4” x 6” patch can then be attached to your backpack, jean jacket, or luggage. It’s a great way to remind yourself of all the places you’ve been. We also have one for Canada and Latin America.

Beach Lover? Pack some ziplock baggies and fill them with sand, shells or pebbles of the places you visit. Once home, you can fill mason jars or empty spice jars with your sand souvenirs, add a label with the location and date and voila’ a beautiful, visual memory. I especially love these jars to line a windowsill in my bathroom where I can daydream of the beach once winter hits.

If you prefer to keep your memories in a journal and not out on display, we also have this beautiful leather embossed journal for all your memories.

Happy Travels!

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