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June 27, 2019 2 min read

There are some great brands out there that embrace Americana. They stand for quality; they are locally sourced, made with old school craftsmanship and delivered with current day cool.

AMERICAN YOUTHQUAKE: Fury Bros. yearning for yesteryear quality American made products with a tribute to American culture graphics

MOUNTAIN LOVERS:  Husband /Wife partnership Sean and Melissa Bonnet of "The Montana Scene"and dedicated to Montana and the spirit of the mountains.

TIMELESS CRAFTMENSHIP:The Sturdy Brothers believe in crafting high-quality American made good that is functional and timeless.  They use the finest in locally sourced materials with each piece made by HAND in the USA! 

200 YEAR STRONG AMERICAN TRADITIONAL:American's rich history with unique, nostalgic, and hard-to-find products created just for you by Jacob Bromwell®

      Sturdy Brothers- TIMELESS CRAFTMENSHIP

      The Sturdy Brothers believe in crafting high-quality American made goods that are functional and timeless. They use the finest in locally sourced materials, and every piece is handcrafted in the USA. The brand is known for its waxed canvas and leather aprons worn by top baristas in the world, making them popular with the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a nonprofit organization that represents thousands of coffee professional.

      Buy one piece from this collection, and you will keep it and love it for your entire life.


      Experience America’s rich history with unique, nostalgic, and hard-to-find products created just for you. For 200 years, Jacob Bromwell® has thrived by making the same products the same way. This company wrote the prototype for its classic products and truly helped build America. Need a truly unique gift for your boyfriend? Jacob Bromwell created “The Flask” this original copper flask originated in 1819 and since then has often been copied, but never duplicated. Your man deserves something as unique as he is.

      Fury Brothers- AMERICAN YOUTHQUAKE

      The down-to-earth, well-educated, creative man, who works out, meditates and cannot spray his body with AXE and head out the door. He deserves more, like a vintage-inspired, classically cool brand where he can adorn his home with masculine candles, apply The Patriot- smoke, and spice solid cologne and wash with handcrafted soap. The Fury Brothers are young, stylish and dedicated to “Bringing the man out of the cave.”

      The Montana Scene - MOUNTAIN LOVERS


      I hope to be somewhere this 4th of July where we sing the National Anthem, honor our country, and feel proud to be American. When we surround ourselves with quality, handcrafted, American-made products- We are reminded of the fight our ancestors made for our freedoms, and as I support other Americans, I feel even more honored to share the same heritage with such remarkable entrepreneurs. 



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