Only Designer Dog Toys for my Lab - Life Soleil

October 15, 2018 2 min read

Chubby is an 80 lb. Yellow Lab. He is very “chubby” but he has no idea how big he is. He jumps on your lap and puts his paws on your shoulders as if he is a 2lb. squirrel. He just wants to cuddle and give you love. Another thing Chubby LOVES to do is to sleep on my clothes especially when I am not home. I believe that’s what most dogs like to do since the smell of their owner makes them feel comfortable.


As a furbaby mom, there was a bit of a learning curve that I had to experience before I mastered doggie parenting. There were a couple of incidents where I wasn’t able to save my designer clothes from the damage Chubby’s love caused. My silk designer dress from Paris was sacrificed to the recycling bin when Chubby decided to turn it into his own unique dog toy. Another time some delicate sequins on my Italian skirt were crushed when he made it his dog cuddly toy! The sequins bent, but they never bounced back.


So I learned that in order to be a responsible fashion lover and a good furbaby Mama, I had to hang my clothes properly before I left the house or passed out and I could always just close the bedroom door. Once I took charge to protect my beloved clothes, I then had to address my beloved pet. How could I comfort him while I was away at work? What doggie toy could soothe his soul?



The next day I came home to find Chubby-Chub asleep on my shoes while he rests his head and paws on my hard leather Prada bag. Luckily there was no drool damage, but the bag was crushed and wrinkled. Clearly, my doggie likes designer goods. I then found the cutest designer dog toy -a Louis Vuitton dog bone toy and a super fancy dog toy: a Prada Purse, dog squeaky toy!  Both plush puppy toys were loved by him and me ever since.  And every time I would see those cute dog toys on the floor, I would remember to be more organized around my giant squirrel.




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