When Your Pup Is Too Cute To “Wine” About - Life Soleil

August 30, 2018 2 min read

After adopting Alfie, my husband and decided on getting him a little brother. We named him Henry. Nope, he is not a lab, nor a German Shepherd. He is a 4lb Yorkie with a Rottweiler syndrome! Super protective. He would sit by the door like a fierce tiger watching it for hours! He made you feel safe and protected. My Australian Shepard would sniff him and look at me saying "What is this?, It smells like a dog but looks like a chew toy".
So, the good news is that not one shoe was sacrificed while Henry was teething. After all, I already learned my lesson the hard way! All the cute chew toys we bought for Henry before his arrival and life were good. We are wine lovers and go to Napa each year for the annual celebration of harvest and of course for some wine tasting. As a tradition, each trip we purchased a piece of Napa in the form of a locally made home accessory.

On one trip I picked up the most beautiful wine rack made from an olive tree. It was lovingly placed close to the fireplace making the living room look more cozy and warm. We spent most of our time in the living room so every time we enjoyed a glass of wine together, the rack would remind us of our great Napa trip. Henry would dive into the snuggling too, he'd nestle between us eagerly awaiting little sample of our cheese plate. It was so sweet to let the dogs cuddle with us by the fire.







It was surprising to me that Henry’s chew toys never seem to get destroyed the way his brother Alfie would ruin his. But again he was only 2lbs then with little teeth. Did I mention he has two rows of teeth on top? Adorable as a button. Adorable right ?!!! You know what else has small teeth? A Bonsai saw! He managed to destroy the beautiful handmade wood wine rack all by himself. Trust me; I wouldn’t have believed a small little creature could have caused so much damage. He happened to be a wine rack lover. You’d think he was a woodpecker!
After the wine rack, the two-pound little puppy was given the nickname,  “The Wino-Terminator.” Which brings to me why I couldn’t help by to buy the wine bottle chew toys for him, to turn the frustration of damaging my favorite piece of art into a gesture of peace between us.  Thanks again for letting me share my story of the adventures of being a FUR BABY mom.


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